Club Policies

Wet Weather If, following wet weather, a player is unsure as to whether a match

Wet Weather

If, following wet weather, a player is unsure as to whether a match will be played it is his duty to telephone thier captain, between  5.00pm 8.00pm on Friday or between 9.30am and 10.30am Saturday morning.

Team Captains

Captains are appointed as they are perceived to have leadership and inter-personal skills. Their responsibilities are not confined to on-field activities but include management off the field as well. However, should a manager be appointed to a Grade team these duties would be shared accordingly.

Their responsibilities include the following:

  • Providing firm but fair leadership
  • Ensuring team members attend practices
  • Providing a scorer when necessary
  • Promoting good team and Club spirit
  • Submitting match reports promptly
  • Phoning match results to club officials or press for publication
  • Entering scores into
  • Observing the Code of Conduct
  • Knowing all the Laws of Cricket
  • Knowing all competition rules
  • Ensuring availability of on-field drinks
  • Completing online match report forms at the myCricket website, for first grade before 11 am the Sunday after every match. All other grades before 5pm the Sunday after each match
  • Completing team report on the season concluded for inclusion in the Annual Report.

All players are expected to provided their captains with support and assistance. Expressions of frustration, disappointment and anger are best conducted away from the team and spectators. Players should keep in mind the potential negative effects that their actions may have.

If players have a problem, consult your captain – complaining to team mates doesn’t solve the matter. Captains are to communicate any concerns to responsible officials for resolution or action.

Players are expected to arrive no later then 30 minutes prior to commencement of play.

Player Behaviour

All players, officials and office bearers are expected to abide with the Code of Conduct as laid down by the NSWCA in the Competition Handbook.

Any person reported by any member of the club for breach of the Code will be subject to disciplinary action by the Club Committee, irrespective of whether the person is officially reported under the Code of Conduct.

The Club’s Committee and/or the Chairman of Selectors has the power to discipline a player by dropping him to a lower grade, fining or suspending him if it is deemed that he has brought cricket and/or the CCCC into disrepute in whatever shape or form.

Training Sessions

Training sessions during the season are conducted at the practice nets at Coffs Coast Leisure park, for seniors, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 5.00pm to 7.00pm. Juniors are held Wednesday afternoons from 4.00pm. For more information see selection policy or contact Matthew Francis (Junior President 0432720921 or email

Fitness program

Target area –core strength

A strong core is essential in cricket. It enables stronger use of levers i.e. arms –bowling and throwing. A strong core will help to avoid back injuries in bowlers. It makes you feel lighter and improves posture which helps with lung capacity.

Fitness Session

  • Warm-up-5 minute dynamic stretches.
  • Sprints /Pushups

Commence with a 20mt Sprint finishing with 6 push ups return with another 20mt sprint + 6 push ups followed by another 2×20 mt sprints with 2x 6 push –ups,-30-60 sec recovery.(there is no resting between sprint-push up-sprint-push-up etc..)

Selection Policy

The selection committee will consist of 5 selectors, selected by the club and its members at the commencement of the season.

  • In season 2016/17 these selector’s will consist of Tony Slav (Club President), Scott Jennings (Vice President), Matthew Francis (Junior President), Shawn Beaumont (Club Delegate).
  • The selection committee will be responsible for selecting the club’s grade sides (1sts to 4ths and 20/20 sides).
  • The selectors will consult the captain’s of the various teams; however the captain’s will not be entitled to vote on the selection of their team.
  • All players who are promoted or dropped will be advised by the Selection committee prior to the publication of the teams.
  • The selection committee will not discuss the selection of teams and reason for selection with any players or officials other than those directly involved with a selection change (promotion and relegation).
  • If any players have complaints or would like to discuss their selection (not other players) they are encouraged to contact the Chairman of Selectors in the first instance.

In regard to selection the following factors will be taken into account when selecting sides:

  • Individual performances. The selection committee will focus on all-round performance, where we will look at all aspects of play that is batting, bowling and fielding. Players who consistently give their innings away playing loose shots will be noted and performance in the context of the game will also be noted (e.g. 1st innings .v. 2nd innings runs)
  • Attitude. This includes players’ attitude to the club, fellow players and administrators. This will focus on effort at training and match days, timeliness of attendance and their contribution to team spirit / performance.
  • Fitness.
  • Training attendance. Post day-light saving, training is compulsory. 1st and 2nd grade must train twice per week. Lower grades must train once per week. If players cannot attend due to work / study commitments they must advise their captain at the commencement of the week.
  • Unavailability. If a player misses a game, he will not be automatically re-selected in that grade. The player who has taken his spot if warranted will retain his spot.
  • Team Balance. We will focus on ensuring teams are balanced and this may mean selection changes that may appear at the individual level to be unwarranted. We also will adjust teams depending on whether a game is a one day or two day game.
  • Rotation. We will endeavor to rotate players from our bottom grade to ensure train-on players also get an opportunity to play.